How to create, compile and validate an ebook - What is EPUB, OEBPS - OPF - NCX - mimetype - Compile, compose and check using xhtml
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The ebook - how to build and compose it

An ebook generally doesn't need or shouldn't have much styling via stylesheets. The reason is that the ebook reader has its own style and the stylesheet of the book must not interfere with the way the reader wants to display the files. The E-Book is written in xhtml. You can read it in XHTML or get the ebook on how to make an ebook (epub). For Kindle: mobi file. If you want to use the opf generator, that I made with c#, don't stone me if it breaks your system (I guarantee nothing). It works fine on a windows 7 system and has also been tested on windows 10. That makes it four computers, to be exact. I wrote it because I wanted to automate my writing process. You can get the zip-file here. Now take good care of this: When you unzip the folder, you will get a folder "Create" in which another folder "EBook" is contained. Having unzipped it, pull the folder "EBook" onto your desktop. The folder must reflect the path Desktop/EBook/OEBPS/ in order for the opf generator to be able to work correctly. When you start Text-Erstellung.exe there must be this folder "EBook" on your desktop, in which are contained all other folders like "OEBPS" and for example "Data". If you are starting it for the first time, it might take a while to load the NET libraries.

[EDIT 2019] I wrote this little piece of software back in 2015. As of 2019 windows 10 is quite critical:

windows blockiert das Programm

What is the reason for this behaviour? Is it because I have obtained no expensive licence? Or is it because the world out there is terribly criminal? Even my security suite is runnung amoc. You have to press the link and demand for additional information (Weitere Informationen). Then and only then an option link is displayed and you can execute the program. Well, the intent for creating this program was not to harm anyone, but to help. Norton will delete the executable file as it is not known to many users in the community. See this article. [END EDIT]

Ebook readers still cannot handle tables correctly, especially when you use longer or broader tables. You have to experiment with that. One possibility is to make screenshots and to save the tables as images. I've added this example to the post. If you want to take a look download the zip-file here. If you are testing on calibre or kindle for pc, you can try out stuff, for example experimenting with the viewport of your browser, making it larger or smaller by dragging the borders of the window. You will see that text-tables are cut off, while image-tables are displayed correctly. Another thing you ought to consider, is creating a xhtml page for each table or even for each image.

If you have no e-book reader, get calibre. To read the mobi file, get the kindle for pc. Or simply doubleclick toc.xhtml in the OEBPS folder, to view in good old plain html.


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