Conjugating the strong verbs in the Präteritum (preterite)

Get the strong verbs conjugated through javascript - the Präteritum

conjugation of the strong verbs, learn German online free

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What is called in German "starke verben" are a special class of verbs. In conventional grammar they are said to be irregular. Today we shall prove that they are regular. Computer languages do what you program them to do. So if you convert the rules of conjugation into a script, and if the script does what it is intended to do, then the verb has to be regular. Right? The rules for the Präteritum are not that difficult, either, remember that the first and third person singular don't have any suffix attached. Let's go through the rules (or the javascript algorithm used for that matter) to conjugate in the Präteritum. We set the following for the suffixes, which we will also have to learn in order to master the Präteritum, the same that we have already outlined:

var PersonSG = {
  "erste"  : "",
  "zweite" : "st",
  "dritte" : ""
var PersonPL = {
  "erste"  : "en",
  "zweite" : "t",
  "dritte" : "en"

  1. Removing the infinitive suffix "-en" and the last letter is "s" or "ß", we need to add an "e" in the second person singular.
  2. Removing the infinitive suffix "-en" and the last letter is "t" or "d", we need to add an "e" in the second person (singular and plural).

Javascript is called upon to do exactly the same as the speaker:

if ( ((Wort.slice(-1)) == "t") || ((Wort.slice(-1)) == "d")) 
{zweitePlural = Wort + "e"};

if ( ((Wort.slice(-1)) == "t") || ((Wort.slice(-1)) == "d")) 
{zweiteSingular = Wort + "e"};

if ( ((Wort.slice(-1)) == "s"))
{zweiteSingular = Wort + "e"};

if ( ((Wort.slice(-1)) == "ß"))
{zweiteSingular = Wort + "e"};

beginnen beginnt begann begonnen
begin begins began begun
beißen beißt biss gebissen
bite bites bit bitten
biegen biegt bog gebogen
bend bends bent bent
bieten bietet bot geboten
offer offers offered offered
bleiben bleibt blieb geblieben
stay stays stayed stayed
brechen bricht brach gebrochen
break breaks broke broken
dringen dringt drang gedrungen
penetrate penetrates penetrated penetrated
empfinden empfindet empfand empfunden
feel feels felt felt
essen isst gegessen
eat eats ate eaten
fahren fährt fuhr gefahren
drive drives drove driven
fallen fällt fiel gefallen
fall falls fell fallen
fangen fängt fing gefangen
catch catches caught caught
finden findet fand gefunden
find finds found found
fliegen fliegt flog geflogen
fly flies flew flown
fließen fließt floss geflossen
flow flows flowed flowed
frieren friert fror gefroren
freeze freezes froze frozen
geben gibt gab gegeben
give gives gave given
gehen geht ging gegangen
go goes went gone
genießen genießt genoss genossen
enjoy enjoys enjoyed enjoyed
gewinnen gewinnt gewann gewonnen
win wins won won
gießen gießt goss gegossen
pour pours poured poured
graben gräbt grub gegraben
dig digs dug dug
halten hält hielt gehalten
hold holds held held
hängen hängt hing gehangen
hang hangs hung hung
heißen heißt hieß geheißen
be is was been
helfen hilft half geholfen
help helps helped helped
kommen kommt kam gekommen
come comes came come
lassen lässt ließ gelassen
let lets let let
laufen läuft lief gelaufen
run runs ran run
lesen liest las gelesen
read reads read read
nehmen nimmt nahm genommen
take takes took taken
riechen riecht roch gerochen
smell smells smellt smellt
schlafen schläft schlief geschlafen
sleep sleeps slept slept
schlagen schlägt schlug geschlagen
hit hits hit hit
schließen schließt schloss geschlossen
close closes closed closed
schreiben schreibt schrieb geschrieben
write writes wrote written
sehen sieht sah gesehen
see sees saw seen
sprechen spricht sprach gesprochen
speak speaks spoke spoken
stehen steht stand gestanden
stand stands stood stood
tragen trägt trug getragen
carry carries carried carried
vergessen vergisst vergaß vergessen
forget forgets forgot forgotten
verlieren verliert verlor verloren
lose loses lost lost
waschen wäscht wusch gewaschen
wash washes washed washed
ziehen zieht zog gezogen
pull pulls pulled pulled