How to create an e-book

The technical side - OEBPS - META-INF - mimetype

Today I'm going to show you how to create an ebook. The program this book deals with is available on my website for free. A lot of people write about the creative process of writing or about marketing. We are going to cover the technical side of an ebook. Technically an ebook is nothing else but a zip compressed file. You know, the folder that you sometimes unpack on your desktop with something in it. If it is not compressed you will find there a folder named OEBPS in which you will find a file named "content.opf". This is the file we are going to generate (and toc.ncx / toc.xhtml), because for an ebook to be readable to the ebook reader we need such a file. Let me demonstrate this. I shall put an ebook on the desktop:



Rename it (cheating windows):




And voilĂ , I can unpack it:



Now take a look at what is in the "ebook":



I have written a program (PRIMITIVE, but quite effective) with c# and the main window looks like this: