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I'm Karsten and I want to help people learn German.
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<h1>What are you going to learn today?</h1>

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<h1>How about German?</h1>
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You are looking for a direct and quick approach to the German language, aren't you? Check out this course, and you will find that you
have come to the right place. I don't focus on irrelevant dialogues and useless grammar so that you can can get your head clear and focus on what will get you
further in your studies. Learn essential grammar, i.e. learn the anatomy of day-to-day speech rather than snatching titbits.
You will have a good reason for wanting to learn German. And like any decent person you
don't want to waste your time. I have extracted the pith for you, all you have to do is come and get it because German grammar is easy with the
right approach. <br />
<br />
This course is not of the usual type. What is the usual type, you ask? I find the usual type of German lesson to be one where
the learner gets the impression that it is easy, he / she will open the wallet for that reason, only to later on find that one has
only scratched the surface. German Grammar is not easy, but one can explain it in such a way that it can be made easy. (I
have tried that here - for free.) It is a lot of material, even though I have concentrated everything. You will understand the structure deeply, if you follow this.
What do you gain if you understand the structure? Mastery. Gain an understanding of any German text, however complicated
it might be. Let language barriers not prevent you from reaching the place where inclination is driving you,

<a href="http://www.primitivecode.com/index.php?topic=-German+course-part+1-learn-German-online-quick-easy-grammar-comprehension-of-texts">starting from here.</a></p>

<h1>Learn playing, exploring - the code side of things</h1>

While trying out stuff and writing my book, I am also coding a lot. This site is all hands-on programmed in a cool tiny <a href="http://www.coffeecup.com/" target="_blank">editor</a>.
So I figured, why not share what I have learnt?
You will find on this page a button "sneak peak of the server side code". Yes, it visualizes the actual code including php-code.
Not the whole website's, though, but the article's code. If you are new to html or php (I hope to include a lot of javascript-code, too)
then I feel this is going to help. I personally love coding, and since I also love writing (blogging), this is just right for me.

So here it is.

Sneak peek of the server side code