Learn German - Indebted to grammar

Why is grammar so important

Grammar is not complicated as long as you learn intuitively. In German we call it "Grammatik entdecken". You see a couple of similar constructions and figure out on your own what is the rule behind these sentences. What is the essence of the construction? By probing and looking deeply into the structure of a sentence you understand the method how it is built. The example sentences need to be simple and straight and clear. When the sentences and the structure and rule that lies behind them is clear grammar becomes clear. This is grammar. Grammar is learning how to build a sentence, not learning some complicated rules from some dusty book that you might never need. So here it is. Go for it. On this page I have included other information too. Some of it I wrote some years ago and might not be useful. But the topics reflect what I used to do. The grammar of course will not be out of date for quite a while. And I hope it will help you.

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