learn German online free- part 1d - masculine declension of nouns - Deklination von Nomen im Maskulinum

The manifestations of case

declension of the gender: Der

Let's move on to the actual language. I hope you're still with me and that this hasn't yet put you off.

English has got no grammatical gender. All things in English are "the". It is the car, the man, the woman, the tree and so on. In German this is "das Auto, der Mann, die Frau, der Baum".  

Wallboard, Every noun has got one single gender, either masculine, feminine or neuter gender. Wallboard   depiction   ( en , 800 x 533 ):   noun, gender, gender group, determiners, masculine, feminine, neuter

Each noun is assigned one and only one gender which is marked by the determiner.  

Each noun has only got one single gender. Example: The tree, der Baum The lone tree,   depiction   ( en , 889 x 484 ):  der Baum

Group I.: Maskulinum (der)

der Nominativ Singular
den Akkusativ Singular
dem Dativ Singular
des Genitiv Singular
die Nominativ Plural
die Akkusativ Plural
den Dativ Plural
der Genitiv Plural

When we add the noun to each determiner we get the cases of the noun:

der Baum Nominativ Singular
den Baum Akkusativ Singular
dem Baum Dativ Singular
des Baumes Genitiv Singular

die Bäume Nominativ Plural
die Bäume Akkusativ Plural
den Bäumen Dativ Plural
der Bäume Genitiv Plural

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